Thursday, April 30, 2009

Week-long Residency in Pemaquid, Maine

March 30-April 3
We had the chance to work with the whole school (K-8th grades) creating and choreographing a 40-minute show called "China's diverse legacy." We based the story on Chinese Culture 5000 years ago using many of the traditional Chinese ribbons, fans, lanterns, lion masks, etc. We had six classes everyday followed by Questions and Answers meetings three times that week, where we also taught students a few greeting phrases in the Chinese language. The day was full of activities interacting with everyone in the school. They have been doing this type of residency for over 10 years now and this year they had the biggest number of students participating in their diversity week show. It was very well received. I do say the place was beautiful and mysterious, with an amazing landscape and delicious food. It was the best place to relax and the people were terrific.
-Noibis Licea (company dancer)

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