Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Story from One of our Dancers!

Last month I had the opportunity to tour with NNCDC in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We performed two different programs--our educational Art of Chinese Dance program for local schools and a public performance of A Dragon's Tale at the Alhambra Theatre. This allowed us to share traditional Chinese culture, as well as Nai-Ni's contemporary works, with a town whose Asian population is less than 1%. After our Dragon's Tale performance we met a shy young lady who enjoyed our Art of Chinese Dance program at her middle school so much that she begged her mother to bring her to our performance that night. She told us that watching the company inspired her to take dance lessons herself. It was very heartwarming to learn that our performances were an impetus for this young lady to try something new. It reminded me of the first time I saw NNCDC in performance as a teenager in Atlanta, Georgia, as I too vividly remember being inspired by what I saw. I feel privileged to be performing with the company eight years later!
-Kerry Lee, dancer

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