Friday, March 23, 2012

Catching Up with Nai-Ni Chen


Catching Up with Nai-Ni Chen

On Friday March 16th, photographer Norbert de la Cruz and I stopped in at the DANY studios to pay a visit to Nai-Ni Chen. Nai-Ni was expecting us and she had her wonderful troupe of dancers all warmed up and ready to go. They ran thru three works for us: Whirlwind (which is new), Quest (a solo for Noibis Licea) and Incense, a beautiful ensemble work.

I always love being in Nai-Ni Chen's studio; in rehearsal her dancers can shift smoothly into performance mode, giving not only the full expanse of the movement but the emotional nuances you only expect to see onstage. Beautiful personalities, always a pleasure to watch at close range.

Here are some of Norbert's images from this rehearsal:

Choreographer Nai-Ni Chen and Dancer Noibis Licea

Jung Hm Jo and Jamison Goodnight

Jung Hm Jo and Ekaterina Chernikhova

Jung Hm Jo and Jamison Goodnight

Riyo Mito

Jamison & Ekaterina

Noibis Licea in the solo Quest


Nai-Ni Chen, Jamison Goodnight & Guanglei Hui

Jamison Goodnight & Jung Hm Jo

Guanglei Hui & Ekaterina Chernikhova

Jamison Goodnight

On March 24, 2012 Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company will take part in the Jersey Moves! Festival, and in the coming weeks will be performing in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

All photos by Norbert de la Cruz.

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Hii Nai-Ni Chen you have shown great pose in this post. Specially i like Riyo, she is looking fabulous in all pose and Noibis Licea solo pose is also good.

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