Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On The River of Dreams

Oberon's Grove blog post (by Philip Gardner)

"On the River of Dreams" was originally choreographed by Nai-Ni Chen in 1988. She has revived it, and Kokyat and I were very taken with it at the studio rehearsal on October 7, 2011 as danced by Riya Mito and Guanglei Hui. In this love duet, a fisherman and a water nymph depict their journey on the river of life. A bamboo pole will provide a link between the two dancers in performance.

Guanglei Hui and Riya Mito of Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company: even in a studio setting and wearing practice clothes, they wove a poetic dance full of expressive detail. This is so characteristic of Nai-Ni's work, and of the generosity and artistry of her dancers.

Photos by Kokyat.

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